Nice weekend, Worked on Computer

I worked on my computer this weekend. Well it wasn’t much I was backing up to a external hard drive. I am going to use the drive, I backed up from, in my original Xbox. I already have a 250GB in my Xbox compared to the 8GB stock. My new drive I will be installing if all goes well is just a precaution so I won’t mess up my other already installed drive with I install DSL (Damn Small Linux) on it.

I would like to use my Xbox as a small server. I’ve been told that I will still be able to play games on it but I’m not sure so that is why I am installing another drive to test this theory out.

I also install Windows 7 RC 7100 on my brothers laptop, my old laptop he uses. When the install was complete it had some missing drivers, Video, Audio, Wireless Adapter, & Multimedia card support. The video showed up no problem it just needed to be updated. All the drivers were install but the multimedia card, windows update couldn’t find one. Windows 7 RC 1000 ran pretty good on that old computer which I purchased as my first Personal Computer (PC) back in June of 2005.

I think Windows 7 will be a great OS when it is released in October 22, this year. I ordered 4 copies when they were only selling for $49.99. Windows Home Premium Upgrade version, now they are $120 per license.