Friday June 15th you finally sat with me. I had told you the night before that if you had extra time to burn would you sit with me. I was almost in tears because time was running out but you had a few more minutes so I was there waiting and sit with me. We talked about family, your mom other things, how to lower my TV bill of all things. When we talked about your mom I put my hand on your hand just to show compassion. I enjoyed having time with you very much I even thanked you for it. 

I'm okay with yesterday's disappointment it wasn't her fault. She is a sweetheart and I know I will get my time. Talked to her tonight via Facebook messenger, talked about work a bit then life. Currently my grandma is in the rest home with dementia, she thinks her mother might have the same thing. Sometimes I need to stop caring about the stupid pity crap I put on myself and think about others. She's the sweetest person I know. 

4/28/17. Got to sit down with today to talk a little bit, so beautiful that she is. Talked about her cats. Asked her how she was doing. She was eat cake & a corn dog. She had a drink with a straw with her lip stick all over it. I could talk to her for hours and hours. Take care sweetheart. 



I'm just having another down day. Wish I had someone to spend lunch with, never do. Always see all these people together. I'm always the first person to say anything to anybody. I have some good days but they never last long. Depressed. 

You came & sat with me just before my lunch was over, talking about things that were going on with you. You were recently robbed at your house & a strange guy was hanging around your house. All I thought was that I don't want nothing to happen to you. Your so beautiful sitting here in front of me. Picture click, didn't happen will it ever. I appreciated your time to sit with me, told you later in a Facebook message. You were cutting labels so I guess you needed a table big enough & to sit you are always on the run on your feet.  ❤️ You came back later that evening I was able to check you out before you left. So lucky to be there at that place &  time. Always beautiful after a days work. I can sit there & listen to you all day long. ❤️ you sweetheart. 

Never really having any real close relationship to this point in my 30yrs of age. There are friends I do care about but keep their distance & I don't blame them. I think about them every day. I don't want to say their names. I see people gathered around one person having a conversation but I'm hard at work thinking to myself if I talked to her it's always some damn ulterior motive. 

I kissed you on the cheek,  Saturday January 14th, after giving you a early Valentines Day present. You are a beautiful woman sweet & caring. It is just nice to see you. You were the first one to kiss me a few years ago after I guess not seeing me for a while, but I will probably never know the reason. I know you are older than me but I love you.