The Tech Guy with Leo Laporte – Aug 22, 2009

I was lucky enough to get on the show, The Tech Guy with Leo Laporte.

I asked him the question below:

Q Justin, ElCampo, TX - Office 2000 update

Justin only uses Word and Excel from Office 2000. Should he allow updates to the rest of the suite which he hasn’t installed? Leo says go ahead, it won’t hurt it and some files are shared in the suite anyway.

Well that’s all well & good but I wasn’t asking about Office 2000 but Office 2007. Leo didn’t ask me to clarify what version it was but I guess it didn’t matter was what version it was, it would probably work the same way.

Thank you Leo for taking my call. I called 11 times & had 2 callers in front of me before I went on the air.