Haven't Posted in a while.

I know I haven't posted in a while. I go to work, then come home and later go to sleep.

I haven't done much since my last post. He have gotten some rain, which is nice it is dry here. Modded my xbox, the original xbox. I installed a bigger drive, 250GB from the 10GB. I like to turn it into a server one day.

I've upgraded my video card in my PC to a Nivida GeForce 1GB 9400 GT. It has no fan just a heat sink it gets hot around 138*F. This is normal never the less. It does have a small connector for a fan that I can place on it if need be. My PC have front intake fan that I should pull air in to cool it. It should do alright that's why I installed it into my pc, because it has a front intake to pull air to it to cool it. I also got roughly the same card 512MB model that has a fan for my families pc, it has no intake fan so it need a fan to cool it. It hasn't been installed yet, but I will soon.

I am trying to stay away from ebay for a while so I won't spend too much money. I do plan to purchase something that is a good deal that has a $20 dollar rebate. It ends at end of April, I will wait until then to possibly order it.

Well that's all,