Just Blogging.....

Well I just wanted to post a blog, inform readers of activies that I'm doing and just to keep my blog active.

First, I'm looking into updating my main page @ to something different. I'm going to work on that this week and into the weekend. I have no specific date to when it will be finished.

Second, I'm getting a Canon FS100 camcording coming in the mail, hope to post some videos when that arrives so there after.

That's about it for now tomorrow I got to go to work.


Another thing I ordered many things for my computers in my house. Well, there are 2 main computers  in my home, put I have a few more then two entirely.

Anyways, I ordered new CPU's 1 for my families computer and more RAM as well. Plus I ordered a new CPU, and RAM for my personal computer. I have a extra motherboard I am going to install on my families PC, the current mobo in the computer is maxed out to the speed it can go. So all-in-all, I ordered 2 CPU's RAM and hard drives. About $700.00 or so but all the items except for the CPU's were under $100 which is cheap so I couldn't pass it up.

So when that comes in I will install it. At least a week or so until delivery.


My goal for my upgrade on my personal computer is to quiet down my cpu fan, I hope the bundled fan which comes with the processor will be quiet, so I could at least leave it running at night.

I purchase a Dell Deminision 2400 from ebay, a while back, which I use all the time, right now in fact, it is very quiet because I'm able to sleep with it running. I use it to record shows at night while I'm sleeping.

Well that is it for the night