Working on Computers this weekend

Well I installed a newer processor (CPU) in my computer. It took a little time because I have to take out all my expansion cards. I took a while mostly because I had to carry the PC to my kitchen table to get it high enough to work on. If I had more room in my room I wouldn't of had too do that.

Once that was done I had to update the BIOS so it would work with the new processor. It took some time to do because I couldn't do it like I wanted, by installing a floppy drive and loading the new .ROM file for the BIOS, the application I used didn't work, it didn't see the file. Luckily, my motherboard has many options to update the BIOS. I had to create a bootable MS-DOS floppy disk and copy the program which was on my ASUS support CD, to a floppy but it was too big bigger then 1.44MB, I was thinking it wanted to have everything on one disk. But what I did was create two disks I created a MS-DOS on one, the other was the ROM flashing program, and new ROM file and it worked. I was just glad I had other options for update the BIOS.

I spent most of the night watching "Titus" and running Spinrite on some hard drives I'm going to use when I upgrade my families PC, not mine.

So I just to post the update.


P.S. I still have not used my new camcorder Canon FS100. I just haven't had time from work and working on my computers. Frankly I just don't have time with work. I tired from after work so I try to do stuff on the weekends.