The weekend is here. Working on a client's desktop & notebook

Well the weekend is finally here it has been a long week. I took off Monday to take delivery of my NEW Toshiba Laptop, I had to sign for the package. I did unpack it but put it back up since I don't want to mess with it at the moment. I'll post the stats about it later.

At the moment I'm writing this I am working on a client's two computers one a desktop the other a notebook. I have a KVM switch to switch between video inputs from my two computers. KVM stands for Keyboard Video & Mouse, which allows a computer user to use only one keyboard, mouse & monitor.

I plan to stay up till midnight tonight to get the bulk of this work done. I'm mostly fixing whatever the problem the client has as well as making sure their computer is up-to-date with the OS and anti-virus software.

So I'll post again another day
Good Night