Webhost Change & New Blog layout

When I first purchase my webhost back in March or April of this year, it was very cheap with unlimited space. Yes, they say unlimited but there is a limit. Well I was happy with the webhost but after a few months of using it there support went away. NO support, NOTHING. I paid $10/yr not a month a year, that comes to $0.80 something cents a month for unlimited space for my website.

Now that looked strange but this company had been in business for years so I went ahead with it. But all-in-all a few days ago I tried to go to my site but it didn't show up. I had a backup so I was okay there but it was crap that they didn't tell me anything.

I'm with a new host now, I paid for 1 year at $4.95 a month. So far I am happy with it. I've asked questions and they answered in no time, even in a live chat. It has a 30-day money back guarantee, os I could try and cancel anytime within 30 days. After some work I re-posted my blog and here it is. This is a update blog and it is great I have a new theme, and it looks great.

Well I'll write back later.