My OnePlus One history with the phone

I got an invite to buy the Oneplus One in July of 2014. I took it with me to my cousin's wedding.

It has been all-in-all a good phone but with some software bugs. Sometime in September/October '14 the phone rebooted without reason. I basically lost everything & had to restore it to factory settings. Since the Cyanogen 11 update from October 2014 it would reboot without notice but no data was ever lost during reboots just annoying. I attempted to get help with the problem by doing a remote chat with support but emails were bounced & I could never reach support. Cyanogen 12 was downloaded as of April 2015 and my phone has only "crashed" rebooted once, so it seems to have been a bug to make the phone reboot.

I look forward to the new Oneplus Two can't wait to buy it. August 11, 2015.